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Camp PMC 101 - Certification

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The prestigious Mitusbishi Materials Trading, Camp PMC Certification Programme is coming to the UK.



In this Camp PMC 101 two-day course, students will learn all of the fundamental skills required to work with metal clays and be successful with PMC products.
You will practice fundamental techniques including rolling, texturing, cutting, carving, sculpting, molding, refining, firing and polishing. Extra time is devoted to discuss firing processes and each student learns torch firing and kiln firing techniques.
You will make five projects including a of pair earrings with a firable stone, a double textured pendant with syringe detail, wrapped beads, a sculpted toggle clasp and a wrapped ring with a firable stone. The class utilizes PMC3, PMC Flex and PMC OneFire 950 clays to ensure each student learns the appropriate usage of each type of clay.
As this will be the first course of its kind in the UK, we are offering it at a special launch price of £295, including the Clay pack worth £150 FREE!!!


You will receive  a Free PMC Clay Pack 20g of PMC3, 25g of PMC OneFire 950, 5g of PMC Flex and a 9g PMC3 Syringe of clay and ancillary items to enable them to complete the projects.  This is worth £150!!!  You will need your own silver clay toolkit to complete the projects.
This two day course will normally be £295 plus materials, CZ and findings of £150, so this is a wonderful offer and saving of £150!!!!
Places are limited to 6 online, so that you all have support, so be quick to be one of the first to go through this training programme in the UK!!
Upon completion of the projects and course content, students will take a short written test. Each student will receive a Certificate of Completion from The PMC Studio and an 10% discount on all PMC clays at Cooksongold.
If you have already completed our PMC Certification Modules, you will be eligible to a ‘crossover’  Certification with Camp PMC to be able to access discounts with Cooksongold.
We also have a teaching route for students who currently teach or who would like to teach in the future.
Contact Amy at for details