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Metal Clay

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    from £11.80

    PMC Flex

    Precious Metal Clay Produced by Mitsubishi. Available in two sizes.  

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    Cubic Zirconia - 5mm

    Cubic Zirconia Brilliant Cut Faceted Stones Size- 5mm Suitable for firing in Metal Clay. Price Per Piece

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  • £2.85

    Dill Bits 0.3 - 1.6mm

    A set of economy drill bits. Sizes 0.3mm - 1.6mm

  • £6.00

    Pin Tong Drill

    A very useful hand tool for drilling. This Pin Tong has two reversible collets that can take a variety of drill bits. Great for drilling through un...

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  • £1.00

    Ring Sizer - Plastic

    Plastic mulitsize ring gauge. Marked with British Ring Sizes A-Z+6

  • from £3.50

    Ring Mandrel - Wooden

    Wooden ring mandrels without markings or forming metal clay rings, light weight wire rings and light weight forming. Two sizes Available.. 11 Inch...

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    from £3.50
  • £25.00

    Metal Clay Kit - Beginners

    All the essential tools you need for starting to make at home. Our unique kit includes...Amy's Metal Clay Balm, Teflon Sheet, Roller, Emery Paper, ...

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  • £11.80

    PMC3 5g

    PMC3 manufactured by Mitsubishi

  • £3.20

    Beading Awl - Needle Tool

    This tool can be used for so many different techniques. We use it to cut and engrave in our metal clay projects, knotting in our beading projects a...

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  • £13.00

    Soldering Block / Firing Block Large

    For soldering on or firing metal clay. Great as a base for other soldering blocks. Dimensions - 315 x 190 x 25mm

  • £9.00

    Soldering Block / Firing Block

    For soldering on or firing metal clay.

  • £2.00

    Polishing Papers

    Polishing Papers, silicon carbide Work your way through each of the grades of polishing papers starting with the lowest number and up to the highes...

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  • £2.00

    Mixed Charm / Bead Pack

    A variety of charms, fancy beads and cabochons perfect for using in moulds and with Metal Clay Charms may vary between packs.

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    Small Plastic Pot

    A clear small screw top pot perfect for storing solder, PMC, stones, beads and more. Size - 38mm x 21mm

  • £3.90

    Storage Box 0.75L

    Clear Stackable Storage box perfect for pliers, small tools and projects.  

  • £2.50

    Mini Steel Plate

    A economy steel disc with a flat surface. An ideal surface for texturing, metal stamping, riveting and more. Use with Rubber Block to deaden sound ...

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  • £17.50

    Steel Plate

    A steel block, ground flat, polished & case-hardened. An ideal surface for texturing, metal stamping, riveting and more. Use with Rubber Block ...

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    Micro Torch

    Small Micro torch with a soft black grip. Perfect for firing metal clay and small scale soldering. Gas Sold separately

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  • £9.50

    Needle Files

    Set of 12 Used for filing, smoothing and cleaning up metal, metal clay projects or metal beads. Total tool length is approximately 6 inches. Shapes...

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  • £1.50

    Emery paper

    A selection of useful grades of emery paper to help create a smooth, refined finished. 120 - 400 - 600 - 800 - 1000 - 1200

  • from £2.50

    Steel Rulers

    Steel Ruler Great for using when measuring and marking metal.   Available in two sizes... 300mm 150mm

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  • £7.50

    Rubber Dapping Block

    These rubber backs have a variety of uses... supporting steel plates when hammering supporting metal or metal clay when drilling supporting your...

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  • £2.85

    Reverse Action Tweezers

    Fibre grip reverse action tweezers. The reverse action enables the tweezers to hold objects tightly and securely for example when soldering or glui...

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  • £5.00

    Brass Tweezers

    Great for using with a pickle tank when soldering.