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  • £3.15

    Ballpins - Plated

    Ballpins are wires with a ball on one end. Great for multiple wirework projects for a dainty finish. Available in Silver Plated & Gold Plated S...

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    from £3.24

    Ballpins - Sterling Silver

    2mm Ball end pins. Wire size 0.5mm Available in 25mm, 38mm or 50mm lengths Sterling Silver Pack of 6

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  • £1.00

    Banded Agate

    These beads are made from a semi-precious gemstone so colours and shapes can differ slightly from the image shown. Approximate Size -34 x 26mm (Len...

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  • £55.00

    Bangles Workshop

    Learn some basic and fun silversmithing techniques in this 3 hr bangles workshop. To begin the session you will design how you would like your bang...

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    Bead Board

    Create your own unique pieces of jewellery using these great design boards. Great for jewellery making craft projects, bead stringing, aligning bea...

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  • £4.40

    Bead Holding Tweezers

    Tweezers are tools used for picking up small objects that are not easy to grasp by hand. They come in a variety of tip shapes & sizes. These tw...

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  • £1.20

    Bead Mat

    Bead mats are essential when beading. They stop your beads from moving around, make picking up beads easy and fit nicely onto a tray if you fancy b...

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  • £1.10

    Bead Stopper

    A very useful tool to stop your beads from falling off the wire. Simply flex the back of the spring, insert the beading wire, release and clamp the...

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  • from £4.00

    Bead Stringing Wire

    Beadalon Beading Wire Nylon Coated stainless steel Bright colour

    from £4.00
  • £11.50

    Beaded Bauble Kit

    You'll find everything you need in this Beaded Bauble Kit to make one project. Learn how to thread seed beads and accent beads to create a net with...

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  • £9.50

    Beaded Bead Kit

    Enjoy making beaded beads weaving together japanese seed beads and czech accent beads Everything you’ll need for one bead is in the kit along with ...

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  • £3.10

    Beading Awl - Needle Tool

    This tool can be used for so many different techniques. We use it to cut and engrave in our metal clay projects, knotting in our beading projects a...

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  • £2.60

    Beading Needles

    These stiff, yet flexible, English beading needles are referred to by beaders as “longs.” John James English needles are high quality and a very po...

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  • £60.00

    Beads & Knotting - An Introduction

    Learn the basics of creating jewellery using beads and knotting techniques. Within the session you will learn which type of cord to choose for the ...

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  • £60.00

    Beads & Stringing - An Introduction

     Learn the basics of creating jewellery using beads and stringing techniques. Within the session you will learn which type of beading wire to choos...

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  • £60.00

    Beads & Wire - An Introduction

    Learn the basics of creating jewellery using Beads & Wire techniques. To start the session you will use memory wire to make a bracelet and fam...

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  • from £11.50

    Beads Diamond Cut Light - Sterling Silver

    A Sterling Silver Light Diamond Cut Beads Chain Thickness 1.20mm

    from £11.50
  • £12.50

    Belcher Diamond Cut - Sterling Silver

    A Sterling Silver Diamond Cut Belcher Chain Thickness 1.4mm

  • from £5.50

    Belcher Mini - Sterling Silver

    A Sterling Silver Mini Belcher Chain Thickness 1.00mm

    from £5.50
  • from £9.75

    Belcher Mini Round - Sterling Silver

    A Sterling Silver Mini Round Belcher Chain Thickness 1.96mm

    from £9.75
  • £0.70

    Bell Charm

    Size (including loop) - 13 x 10mm Available in Silver Plated & Gold Plated Pack Size 10

  • from £1.50

    Bell Charms

    Mixed Colours - colours vary between packs but we will provide a variety as much as possible. Available in - 15mm, 10mm, 8mm, 6mm 15mm - 10 in Pack...

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    from £1.50
  • £9.50

    Bench Peg

    Attach to a table top and create an easier, more comfortable, more supportive working space for your silversmithing projects.

  • from £1.05

    Bezel Cups - Sterling Silver

    Bezel Cups in a variety of sizes. Used with low profile cabochons for a rubover setting.

    from £1.05